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15 July 2013

Using Videos to Tell a Story - Thing 12

   In our Web Tools 2.0 Class, we are learning how to use video to tell a story. What a great way for children to share their knowledge and creativity.  There are many apps and sites for children to use to create their own story. Most recently, I used IStory App in my classroom with my first graders to write their informational text stories.  They they used the built in microphone to record their stories.  The smiles on the childrens' faces as they heard their voices reading the stories was priceless. Unfortunately there is no widget to upload to my blog so I can share with you what my class created.

However, in this 2.0 class,  I created this 30 second video using images I found searching Flicker's Creative Commons site and made a little blurb about mail art.

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

This would be a fun way for students to explain any topic they have learned in 30 seconds. I say 30 seconds, as that is the free version length.  You will need to subscribe to have additional video time. Using video to explain or tell a story reaches all learning styles and is fun and creative. Give it a try!

Here is a link to an interesting article about using video in the classroom by Richard Byrne.

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