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07 July 2013

Thing 8 - Wiki, Wiki, Wiki

Wikis are great for collaborative projects or when you don't want to send the same email to all individuals, or planning an event, community happenings, really for anything.  I don't know why my administration doesn't use Wiki's more to disseminate information - it would be so much easier.  It surely make more sense to have the information all in one place so you can easily go back and verify what has been written. I know with emails it's more difficult as you have to search for the email and often times it has already been deleted or way down at the bottom of your inbox.

I had a look at the Flat Classroom Project Wiki and found it stock full of information. While I am not a member of this wiki, I could take a peek into how the project works and how information is shared among group members. Lots of good sharing ideas here.

Another wiki I had a look at was the Global Read Aloud Wiki. Since I will be doing this with my class in the fall, I was very interested in reading what has been done before.  I found it very helpful and full of information. It gives a participant list to you can easily find other classes to connect with and suggestions for how to connect with others and how to post projects.

Another wiki I had a look at was Schools in the Past Wiki. The wiki itself had some good information in terms of the information the students had collected, but I found it very hard to follow as the sentences were all grouped together under different headings nor was a Table of Contents. There wasn't any summary of the information gathered nor did it have any photos. There was one link to an external site for a museum, but no direct link to a school house so one would have to search the site. Maybe this one was more bling-bling....

If Wikis are used in a useful way to enhance collaboration, there is no bling-bling about that -just teachers and students sharing what they have learned or worked on so others can hopefully benefit from their work.

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