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29 July 2013

A New Kid on the Block - Diigo - Thing 15

Do you Diigo? This is a new social bookmarking tool that allows you to do some awesome things with articles you have read or interested in sharing. In the past I would either email myself a site or a link I was interested in or bookmark it with Safari. This lead only to the link buried in my emails or the bookmark somewhere in my bookmark link. With the Diigo tool bar button, you can bookmark directly to your Diigo account, highlight information or even add a sticky note that is pertinent and collaborate on an interesting post by sending directly to Twitter or email.

I also like the "save for later" feature as well so you can read off-line if you don't have a connection.They also have a feature to send bookmark information directly to one's blog, but I cannot seem to get this feature to work for me. I am still playing with the ins and outs of Diigo. Sometimes I cannot get it to do exactly what I want but I think that is because I am using Safari for my browser. You get more features with Goggle Chrome.

If you have not already signed up, you can do it here. Request an educator account by following this link here which will allow you to do even more things with things that interest you on the web.

Click here to follow my Diigo library. It is still a work on progress, but as you can see it is quite easy to share articles you think others might find interesting or useful.

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