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07 July 2013

Thing 13 - PLD in your PJ's

   I just watched 2 great PD videos on the K12 Online Conference site. One was Creative Learning Experiences without Textbooks by Wesley Freyer. This PD outlined specific tools a school district in Alabama was using to limit its use of textbooks. What I really enjoyed hearing was that the schools gave teaches extra time during their day or before their day started for PD opportunities without adding to their day.The teachers were allotted time to discuss and bounce ideas off each other.  This is especially important when integrating tech and moving away from textbooks. The technology sounds and looks great, but if teachers are not taught how to integrate the tech in a meaningful way, all will be for nought. Just listening to what other teachers are doing is so rich in itself and can provide a whole new door opening for opportunity.

Another PD video I watched was 7 Degrees of Connectedness by Rod Lucia. I really enjoyed this presentation. Rod talked about using different tools to connect and that one needs to take risks, start small, but the relationships you create will become invaluable. He touched on a few different tools, but mentioned that voice itself, is very important. It adds a more authentic connection to the tweet, blog, podcast, whatever you do.

I recommend connecting on the K12 Online Conference site for some invaluable PD in your pj's!

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