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13 May 2015


   Popplets are an all time favorite and very easy for children to manipulate. This is way more fun than drawing all those boxes on paper and then realizing your boxes are not big enough.   Popplet Lite is the free version of the app and the only difficult thing with the free version is the student must finish their Popplet before logging out or their work is not saved. Here are a few of our popplets:


It has been sooo long since I have shared anything on this blog.  I moved back to Atlanta, Georgia after living in France for 7 years and it has been quite an adjustment.  I settled into a third grade classroom in a lovely international community setting.

It is almost the end of the year, but I wanted to share some of the things I have been doing with my class this year.  I have introduced them to so much different technology. One idea my class uses and I I use as an assessment is InstaCollage.  Here I have the children create a collage based on whatever topic we may be working on. I add parameters such as minimum of 5 photo frames, must include text boxes with explanations and a title and author.

Here are a couple of images from some of my students.