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31 December 2012

Huge Giveaway!!

   There is a huge giveaway going on at Second Grade Nest - click here to get to link. There are so many fabulous products -  check it out before it goes - last day 5 January!!

15 December 2012

Tally Mark Work


We have been working on tally marks and found this great tally mark activity for review. Get it here


This is the rotation board - we only do centers 2x a week

I know one should really not group by ability so instead I often have them working on the same activities, just tailored to their individual needs. However, sometimes I do need to group by ability as I am not going to pair for example a high reading ability with a low-level reading ability - both students would just get frustrated and I wouldn't get a true picture if the students understand the assignment. Where I do often pair different levels is the Smartboard Activities. I do have this as a center choice and I have sent up individual folders on the desk top for groups to access.  I have taught the children how to access the folders and all activities in the folders are things we have already completed in class.

Each of my centers are stored in plastic drawers and labeled by both center and color.

Working on a Missing Addends Activity - Get this activity in my TPT Store here.

All activities are stored in plastic bags and color coded. Children usually complete a sheet after they have completed the activity that ties in with whatever they are working on.  All sheets are kept in their center folder and I review every couple of weeks.

Working at the smartboard

Centers are always a work in progress and would love to hear your ideas.

05 December 2012


   Hello Fellow Teachers,

We are reviewing halves and doubles addition/subtraction facts.

Here is a link to this freebie I made to use in centers or small groups. Hope you all enjoy it!!

02 December 2012

Awesome Give A Away!!

 Hop on over to Surfing to Success here for a great give a way!! Mercedes has 3 different bundles she is giving away. The more times you enter, the more chances to win awesome products you can use in your classroom today!! Good Luck!!