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25 November 2012

Another Linky Party!!

   Hey all, cannot get enough of these Linky Parties to help promote the TPT sale. This latest link up is over at Charlotte's Clips and Kindergarten Kids.  

Here is also a freebie from me here to work on contractions!


21 November 2012

Thank you!!

A thank you to Mercedes Hutchens over at Surfing to Success - I responded to her for a chance to win her new doodle clip art - can't wait to use it!! Thanks so much!!


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18 November 2012

Linky Party!!

I have joined my first Linky Party here where teachers post their favorites and they are all on sale!! These are for math and science. Check it out!!Hope you find something wonderful for your classroom!!

Drop Box

I just have to tell you how much I love Dropbox for all my files and photos. I do not even carry a USB key anymore. Any files I want to keep in drop box or pages I find surfing the net I just pop into my drop box and I can access it from anywhere. I set up individual file folders within Dropbox to organize things I find so they are not just random all over the place. For example, if I am at home and searching on Pinterest for a freebie to go with a lesson I am teaching, I download the freebie and pop it right into my Dropbox folder so the next day at school, I can open up Dropbox and voilá - it's there! It is also great for sharing photos and videos with family and friends.

So simple and ingenious. Spread the love. Download Dropbox here.