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07 January 2013

Leibster Award

Thank you so much to the following 4 bloggers who nominated me.

I have to admit, I am very late with 3 of you. I apologize.  Thanks very much for the nomination, now I can pass on some love to other great newbies too!!

This award is given to new bloggers with 200 followers or less.

And the rules are:
1. Post 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer the questions the nominator set for you
3. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
4. Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them to your post.
5. No tag backs, but please leave a comment on this post if you were nominated so I can learn more about you and see who you nominate.

11 Random Things About Me......

I once had a coffee shop.
I am living my dream of living in France
I love flea markets and brocantes
I love a bargain
My children always make me smile
I love cheesy movies
I could eat chocolate 24/7
I do mail art
I spend way too much time on the computer
I love to sleep in
Spring is my favorite season

1. Do you sleep with or without socks? - depends on how cold my feet are
2.  Favorite ice cream flavor? - mint chip              
3. How do you eat an Oreo cookie? - middle first
4. Commercials - hate them or love them? - hate them
5. Do you read the end of the book first? - end
6. Crust or no crust? - no crust
7. Do you like driving? no
8. Snow or rain? snow
9. What is your favorite day of the week and why? Wednesday - 1/2 way to WE!!
10.  Cat or dogs? - Dogs
11.   Which do you do first: wash your face or brush your teeth? - face

Now my nominees: - I am sorry I know I don't have 11, I am working on it, this is what I have so far.

Brainy Apples
Literacy Without Worksheets
Shut the Door and Teach 
Right Down the Middle  
Digital Anthology
Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse
Meatballs in the Middle
Miss Whimsy's Blogging Tips and Tricks 
Mrs. C's Classroom

Now My Questions:

1. Do you read before going to bed?
2. Do you have a bucket list?
3. A favorite city you would like to visit.
4. What is your favorite expression?
5. Disco or rock?
6. Favorite beauty product?
7. Least favorite thing about teaching?
8. Favorite snack?
9. Has blogging helped you?
10. McDonald's or Burger King?
11. Who would you like to prepare a dinner for?

For all those nominated make sure that you copy and paste the above instructions (all the way at the top of this LONG post) and my questions to you on your blog. Don't forget to leave me a comment when you are done! 


  1. Hi Tama!
    Thank you so much for nominating me! Your questions were fun to answer! My post is up, and I picked some great new blogs.
    Take care!

  2. Hi Tama,
    You nominated Darlene, and she nominated me! But what drew me to your blog was the name, and then, to find out that you're living in France! I was born and grew up there. We moved here just before I started sixth grade and I have many great memories (that are fading with age). But it was your picture of Gallette de Rois that brought back so many memories! I remember eating that each year and hoping that I'd get to be the King!
    Anyway, just wanted to say I'm following you now. Come on over to my blog for a stateside visit!