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22 January 2013


  I love graphing activities. Graphing is fun for children as it provides hands-on fun and great for inferencing and analyzing. I found this rainbow graphing activity on pinterest - it comes from Lisa over at Live, Laugh and Love to Learn Blog - get it here.

We have also been doing snowmen glyphs. I picked this activity up from I Heart Kindergarten blog.

 Get it here:


I also do a weekly graphing activity in my classroom. It is part of my Smartboard Daily Activities that you can buy at my TPT store: Get this graphing template free for your smartboard here.

This was a roll and graph activity using shapes. I merely taped a shape to each side of the die and the children recorded their roll on their graph. I picked this graph up from Ms. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots -  Get it here

The last graphing activity I found was another shape graph, however this time I used pattern block shapes. The children worked with a partner and "grabbed" a shape and recorded it on their graph. Then the sheet included many questions for interpreting the graph. A bit of a challenge for some, but a fun activity. Pick this graphing activity up at Peterson's Pad - First Grade Fun here:

As you can see lots of great graphing ideas that are fun and provide good informal assessment.


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