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05 December 2016


   As much as I am trying to keep up with technology I don't seem to have time to write about it like before. I know Plickers isn't new, but I have recently discovered it and I am really enjoying the ease of formative assessments with this application.

First set up an account at to create your class. Each student is assigned a number and a unique card that keeps track of that student's particular responses. It took me no more than 8 minutes to set up my class. Plickers recommends you print out the response cards on cardstock and do not laminate. The lamination interferes with the scanning.

Teachers can type up multiple choice or true/false questions. These questions are displayed up on a board and students rotate their card to hold up the correct response. Teachers use their smartphones to scan the cards - no devices are needed by students!! Teachers can see the live feed of answers as cards are scanned. Right away teachers can review quickly what was not understood or pull aside those few students that may have responded incorrectly.

Teachers can type up questions based on their content.

This is the live view the students will see.

Create questions for any content.

Get Real time data immediately.

Happy Plickering!!

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