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15 September 2013

New School Year and blogging begins!

We're rolling into our third week of school and as teachers we forget how difficult the "rentrĂ©e" is. New routines, new children, different levels. I look to my now second graders to get inspiration that it does get easier and to see how far they do progress by the end of the school year.  

We have started on Kid Blogs again this year. All parents are on board and the class is already eager to blog.  We started slow, but this class has caught on very quickly and want to post their thoughts all the time! I am excited about this. If you are not familiar with Kid Blogs, please see my old post from last year on this topic.

I am also going to start "tweeting" with my class. We have an account but haven't begun yet. I found this great post of how teachers are creating a "pretend tweet wall" in their classroom to teach the children how and what to tweet before they even start the real thing.  I love this idea as this introduces the children to social media and gets them comfortable about what things they should be tweeting. Here   is an interesting article from Beth Holland on this topic.

Here also is a great post from Mrs. Wideen's class about how she uses Twitter in her classroom. As you can see from Mrs. Wideen's class, social media, when used correctly and safely can be a powerful learning tool.

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