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21 April 2013

Padlet (Wallwisher) - Thing 7

I have been using Padlet (formally Wallwisher) in my classroom since discovering it on Heidi Raki's Resources Blog and I love it!

This is literally a "virtual wall" where students can write and collaborate on anything. The teacher can set up the "wall" and assign tasks for the students to do. In my first grade classroom, I have been using it to help with writing basic sentences. I have been assigning a "word of the day" and the children come up with a sentence. The students then create their sentence or whatever you have asked them to do. The children in my class are so excited to write their sentences - they are literally clamoring at the bit to get to our computer to type a sentence. It is also great for our non-English students as it helps them with sentence structure as well.  We then take a look at the sentences and correct for spelling, verbs, and punctuation.This also allows me to do a quick assessment on capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

Search the internet for other uses of Padlet in your classroom - you will find many creative ideas.


  1. What an AWESOME educational tool! I can't wait to use this in my classroom. Thank you so much for sharing :)

    The Techie Teacher

  2. Thanks for the comment - yes, your students will love this!!