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30 March 2013

Global Collaborative Project


Reaching out to classes all over the world is so easy now thanks to the internet, blogs, and collaborative projects. The Flat Stanley Project has been around for ages, but it is still a fun activity to learn about where other people come from, and how they spend their day, foods they eat....  To collaborate on a Flat Stanley Project you can sign up directly on their site here and you will be contacted (I guarantee it) to do a writing exchange project. At this site, you will also find FS templates to use for your project. This is the second year in a row I am pairing up with a school in New York. Last year, I also paired up with a school in Japan.  There are schools all over the world looking for partners. I recommend reading the FS stories in advance so the children understand the concept before beginning the project. We started reading the stories in the Fall and begin the project now. This way the children have also developed good writing skills.   Yes, you do need parent participation, but this is a fun project for all involved. Parents always have alot of fun with this project and this is a way for them to get involved in their child's school activities.  We always culminate this activity with a Skype visit so we can see how our partners look - this is always a big curiousity -  and share questions with each other.

Here is the link to the free Flat Stanley App from the ITunes Store. I also found a link to a simple FS reader's theatre which I was very excited to find. Get it here.

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