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18 September 2012

This is much harder to keep up with than I thought. This past week, I found two great writing activities on pinterest. One was from The children loved sharing about their summer. I am very jealous, these kiddos are world travelers!!

The next writing activity is tied in with the bucket filler series. I started this two years ago, and I just think it is a fantastic ongoing activity for the classroom. I won't explain it here as many people are already in the know about it, and if not check out all the buzz at pinterest.   I use plastic buckets purchased from Oriental Trading Company and the buckets hang from a plastic shoe holder. I keep bucket filler paper by the buckets so the children can "fill a bucket"whenever they have free time. I hang all my bucket fillers that I receive on my wall by my desk and keep them always. They are treasures. Here is the link for the paper:

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